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Where Are We Going

Our initial rollout of the program will be modest. We intend to start with five women participants in the residency program with three additional spots for non-resident participants. The goal is to increase the number of participants (women and men) as the financial resources increase and the expertise and capacity of the volunteer staff grows. We are in the process of adapting a location for the residency of participants and securing a dedicated space for classrooms. Policies, procedures and teaching material from RA-GP are being modified for use in Peterborough. With time, our hope is to provide transitional housing for graduates of the program who need additional time to fully heal.

We understand that the root causes of addiction are varied and often intertwined, making recovery extremely challenging. Because of this, we acknowledge that no one program can be expected to address all the individual needs encountered within a society. We believe that a Christian faith-based approach has valuable resources to bring to the mix needed to address this complex issue. Our goal is to join in the effort to set people free; not to compete with existing services. We realize that the Rising Above approach may not be wanted by all, nor work for all. Participants ultimately need to decide for themselves if this is an approach that is right for them. Rising Above, however, does bring something new of value to the array of options and we are excited to see this program developed here. Rising Above is available to all who seek their services. There is no need for participants to have a Christian faith, nor is there an expectation for them to develop a faith in order to complete the program. However, having said that, our hope is that all participants will, over time, come to a greater awareness of the Lord’s love for them and that their lives matter. Our aim is to use Godly principles of love, affirmation of worth, healing of life’s hurts and wounds, and compassion to expose root issues holding people in cycles of defeat.